10.00 P.M Everyday
05.00 P.M Saturday
Market agent shop now available for upgrade/force/perfect/Slot extender (Ultimate)
- Add [epic] Belt of guardian at yul GD
- Increase drop rate killian lombick tonsil
7.00p.m (Server time)
Please logout 5 minute before 7.00p.m
-Remove all bike scroll at BI YUL
-Add Blessingbead plus at YUL BI
-Add pet slot extender at YUL BI
-Expand stack market from 45 to 150
-Add weapon & armor CDI (ultimate) at YUL GD -baldus shop
-Change 500% axp to 700% axp


Server info :-
- EP 8 - 26
- Med - High rate server
- Channel 1 (Normal)
- Channel 2 (Saint) For leveling
* Saint boss every Saturday 5.00pm server time
- Channel 3 (Golem)
* Golem Boss everyday 10.00pm server time
- Upgrade function +20
- Claim freebies at level goal event YUL npc Green Despair
- Honor rank 13 starter
- BM2 Auto retarget
- 30 rune slot & 10 Blend rune slot
- Copper coin drop at BI/GD/DS
- New costume & new pets
- NO reborn server
- 1 Alz skill book at NPC
- Wexp skill book at BI
- No kronisme
- Extra NPC Shop at 4th Gate warp
- Event Yul NPC at Bloody Ice and Green Despair
- Go TG farm 30 point for potion of luck (100m) as a reward
- Get a FA Mercenary at Green Despair NPC (Instructor)
for easy dungeon farming
Arcane Golem (Channel 3)

Saintforcecalibur (Channel 2)

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